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Wildflower Kids

Providing much needed funding to families in the Comox Valley to access specialty support services to help our kids reach their full potential, one child at a time.

Why The scholarship was founded

When my son was 4 he was found to have a mild speech delay. We were living in Edmonton and had every resource we could dream of at our disposal. My son was offered a place in a nature preschool that had a speech langauge pathologist, an occupational therapist, an aid and a full time teacher. It was incredible and his progress was swift and amazing. The science is clear, early intervention is key.

Fast forward to moving back to the beautiful Comox Valley (where I grew up and dreamed of raising our kids). And the resources here are well...lacking.... I don't have to explain to you if you're a mom with a child with a speech delay, or mental health struggles, or undiagnosed questions. This is where Wildflower wants to help. We want to help you access those private services that could mean all the difference in your child's progress and confidence. Speech language pathologists, art therapists, psychologists, private diagnostics centres and more.

All the money the Wildflower Mercantile earns from running artist feature workshops in our space goes directly into this scholarship program. As Wildflower grows we'll be able to grow this program more and more!

Thank you for helping us support our treasured Wildlfower kids!

~ Emily