Arrae Calm Capsules
Arrae Calm Capsules

Arrae Calm Capsules

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60 Capsules The all-natural, clinically-tested product that works in under an hour to promote a relaxed state, through slowing down the body’s fight or flight stress response. Since digestion is optimized when the body is in a calm state, our Calm Alchemy Capsules will also help you be preventative when it comes to your digestion. ✓

Reduces stress and anxiety by 65% with ingredients that boost levels of relaxing neurotransmitters ✓ Clinically shown to work within an hour for an instant feeling of zen when you feel stressed ✓ Promotes mind and body relaxation by calming the central nervous system and your muscles ✓ Improves bloating by 86% by promoting the calm state of being required for optimal digestion ✓ No sleepiness or brain-fog so you can feel relaxed yet still sharp at any time, day or night

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