I Wish You More

I Wish You More

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In what is essentially a string of secular blessings, an unseen parent/caretaker expresses its hopes for a child's future. Building her stanzas around the idea of "more," Rosenthal (who has teamed with Lichtenheld on Duck! Rabbit! and other bestselling titles) invokes rhymes, wordplay, and relatable metaphors, keeping the tone hopeful and upbeat; Lichtenheld follows suit, presenting a multiethnic cadre of smiling, curious, and hardworking children. "I wish you more ups than downs," Rosenthal begins, as two children race across a windswept green field, a tiny red kite trailing overhead. For "I wish you more will than hill," Lichtenheld shows a boy sweating under the exertion of toting a to-be-planted sapling uphill, and for "I wish you more can than knot," a girl's dog stares intently as she attempts to tie her shoes. After a dozen or so of these statements, Rosenthal concludes with a line that's certain to reassure children that they are loved: "I wish all of this for you, because you are everything I could wish for... and more."

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